🔎Find it! 👁️Read it: is a Wikipedia search tool returning (search or random) results in the form of article previews (with an image) which are far more in-depth and browsable than Wikipedia's standard search result. In fact, 🔎Find it! 👁️Read it: results themselves are great for casual reading and if you don't feel like reading, 🔎Find it! 👁️Read it: will read its results to you!

• Enter your query into the Enter search term(s). field and click the 🔎Find it! button.
• Click the 👁️Read it: link to open the full Wikipedia article in a new window.
• Click the 🔀Random. button to load random results. Results will continuously load on scroll.
• Check the 🖱️ Search selected text. checkbox to enable instantaneous querying of selected text within results.
• Check the ❓ Search suggestions. checkbox to enable search-suggestions as you type.
• Copy the 📤 Share it: address for linking to the current search-query results.
• Click the 👇 Next button to incrementally bring next article into view.
• Click the [↑] button to load a new search for an article's title.
• Click the ["↑"] button to load a new search for an article's extact title.
• Click the button for to read the article previews to you.
• Click the button to pause/stop auto reading at any time.
• Click the ►► button to jump reader to the next article.
• Click the button to return to page top.
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👇 Several search operators that are helpful when searching.

• Enclose term in double quotes " for exact phrase search e.g. "Homer Simpson"
• Spelling relaxation is enabled by suffixing word with a tilde ~ e.g. Simpsons epasodes~
• Results containing a matching word can be excluded by prefixing the word with a hyphen - e.g. homer -Simpson